If you’re moving with your family or planning on starting a family in a Washington neighborhood, local school systems will have an important impact on your decision. Sun Base Properties provides a full list of school information on ever community to help you narrow your search and find the best area for your children.

Get an inside look at any school system in the country, including Washington communities. See what schools are available in the area, including public, private, religious, special needs and other schools, and learn more about the staff, students, programs and capabilities. You can see if schools host a large student body with many teachers or provide a smaller classroom experience with fewer students. The school building is show on a satellite picture to give you a visible image and make it easy to arrange a visit.

Take a look at schools in your community as well as any prospective communities. Whether you are moving into the Washington area or arranging to relocate elsewhere, you can use the school information tool to guide your real estate search.